Mr. Cook: Chapter 1

A short story inspired by true events. Please keep in mind that I am not very experienced and do not expect 100% correct grammar or punctuation. I changed my original plan and decided to make separate posts for each chapter to keep the reads short and easy. Also, if you follow me and like this you will receive notifications when I upload new chapters.


Oscar sat on the window sill, his long grey fur illuminated in the sunlight. His tail was hanging off the edge of the window sill flicking back and forth as he watched the birds in the maple tree next to the mailbox. It was too cold for him to be outside but if he were, he surely would have caught one of those birds and left it as an offering for Mr. Cook.

Behind Oscar, Mr. Cook sat in a faded oak chair at the dining table near the french doors. He took a sip of his coffee while sifting through the classifieds. As usual he wore a plain crew neck sweatshirt with stains on the front, and faded blue jeans. His curly, bright-white hair was fluffed up like a cotton ball on his head. He was a tall-thin man; the trials and woes of life were written all over his face. Just as he got to his favorite section of the classifieds: “boats” the phone rang on the wall next to his favorite picture of Carol.

“Hello” He said sternly.

“Good afternoon, my name is Eveline Fryling. I saw your ad in the paper and I am interested in scheduling a viewing of your home. I hope I have the right number.”

Mrs. Fryling’s cheery high-pitched voice accompanied with an English accent took Mr. Cook by surprise. Her enthusiasm and raised voice hurt his old-delicate ears, so he lifted the phone away from his head a bit. He was not used to anyone calling except those darn solicitors.

“Oh” he grunted, “I am only available in the afternoon.”

Mrs. Fryling could sense by his tone that he would not be open to changing his schedule to accommodate her.

“Great, how about this Saturday, say around 3 O’ clock?”

“That’s fine” he replied shortly.

“Wonderful! We will see you Saturday then Mr. Cook, thank you for your time.”

Mr. Cook hung up the phone without saying good-bye and pondered who the “we” was that Eveline referred to. After a single phone call, he already did not trust her.

Before retreating back to his seat he glanced at the picture of Carol. The memories flashed through his head. Trying to shake it off he wandered into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. Oscar leapt from the window, approached Mr. Cook and let out a soft meow. Once again, he forgot to feed him the previous night, so he opened the fridge and put out a whole can of food instead of the usual half can. Oscar wrapped his tail around Mr. Cook’s leg before approaching his plate.






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