Promises To Myself


There are many things about myself that I don’t like. I regret many things I’ve done and said in the past, and many times I have been so hard on myself that I physically hurt. After letting many people walk over me for so long and blaming myself for it, there are a few things that I am going to promise myself now.

I promise to never give up and to- as Dory would say it- just keep swimming.

I promise to try harder to listen to that thing in the back of my head that is always right, but that I often laugh in the face of only to regret it later… It’s almost as if it has a voice of it’s own and whispers “I told you so…”.

I promise to never blame other people for my own actions and to accept responsibility when things are truly my own fault.

I promise to stop lying and to correct the lies that I’ve told in the past.

I promise to try harder to hold my tongue and think first when I so badly want to tell someone exactly how I feel.

I promise to put more effort into my work, and to not give up when things are hard.

I promise to always forgive people even when they aren’t sorry.

I promise to always forgive myself.

I promise to always believe in myself.

via Daily Prompt: Promises


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