Mr. Cook: Chapter 3

Eveline was originally planning to be a history teacher. She grew up in a busy town in London and always dreamt that she would explore the rest of the world. After finishing her masters degree she followed her dream and traveled the world teaching English in foreign countries.

During her first year abroad she travelled to South Africa where she met Christopher. He was a photographer who was traveling the world to capture candid photographs of diverse cultures in their regular day-to-day lives. Eveline and Christopher fell in love fast and hard, and spent the next chapter of their lives working and traveling together.

They married a few years later and returned to Eveline’s home town where they had their beautiful daughter Clara, during their second year of marriage. That was the same year Christopher discovered a lump on his head… The cancer spread too fast and he never got to attend Clara’s second birthday.

Eveline was devastated and her traveling days were over… She couldn’t set foot in an airport without the memories flooding in. The last plane ride she ever took was to the United States with Clara.

She thought she already endured the hardest parts of her life when the doctors told her and Christopher the treatment wasn’t working. She squeezed Christopher’s hand as he agreed to stop treatment. All she could do was sit in silence and disbelief. She couldn’t even cry because of the shock. Even when she wanted to, she didn’t to stay strong for him and Clara. The actual goodbye was peaceful, but even harder. After all of that, somehow getting on that plane and leaving London was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.

Her family was in London, but she couldn’t bare to live there anymore. Everywhere she went in London reminded her of him.

Eveline and Clara settled in Seattle, Washington where she grew fond of the Evergreen trees and even the rain. She had to support her now four year old daughter on her own. So, she went back to school and got her real estate broker’s license.

Although sometimes she does miss her traveling days, she began to grow more and more in love with the history and architecture of the houses in Seattle.

After a few months in their stinky rental house with crappy land lords and a yappy dog next door, Eveline decided it was time to find a permanent home for her and Clara. She thought it must have been fate that brought her to Mr. Cook’s listing because it was exactly the type of house she imagined.


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