Mr. Cook: Chapter 5

It was dark and chilly by the time Eveline and Clara got home. They went inside and made tacos for dinner and Eveline thought it was a perfect Fall night for some hot cocoa. She made some for both of them and put three marshmallows in Clara’s -just the way she liked it. She put a little splash of brandy in her own. They sat and drank together as Eveline began thinking about Mr. Cook.

She wondered what the rest of his story was. There must be some serious events that occurred to mold the grumpy, lonely old man that he was now. She wondered what he was like when he was younger and what Carol was like. She wondered if they had any children or if he had any other family. Then another thought ran through her head that made her feel heavy with guilt.

You see, Eveline is not just buying a house from a seller. She is buying the house through life estate so that she can own the house when Mr. Cook passes away. She buys the house and Mr. Cook still lives there and pays for utilities and maintenance.

At that moment Eveline wished she never met the man, it would be easier that way. It was too late. She had to uncover the rest of his story.

In the morning Eveline woke to the sun shining through the curtains. It was truly a beautiful day outside so she decided it would be nice for her and Clara to get out of the house. She put on some tennis shoes, yoga pants, and a sweater and got Clara dressed and they headed to their favorite park across town.

Clara was making friends with what seemed to be a 6 year old girl. Eveline thought she was being too bossy and offered to push Clara on the swing. While pushing her it occurred to her that Mr. Cook lived only a few blocks away. By the time they left it would be a little before 3pm. Maybe she could swing by and just check on him, and maybe he would let her ask a few more questions. She knew she shouldn’t call first because she didn’t want to hear him say no. If she just showed up he won’t have much of a choice but to talk to her.


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