Mr. Cook: Chapter 9

There they were; standing on the bow of their sailboat looking out at the sunset. Mr. Cook’s arm was wrapped around Carol and she leaned her head on his chest. Nothing could get better than this. Mr. Cook felt as though he could not grip her tight enough, tried to squeeze tighter and tighter but she was slipping out of his arms. He shouted at her to hold on but her body was limp and lifeless. He couldn’t hold on, her body slipped out of his arms and disappeared beneath the ocean surface.

Mr. Cook opened his eyes and sat up. He rubbed his face hard with his hands trying to wipe away the nightmare. Not again, it had been months since he had any nightmares. He got up and put his robe on to go get the mail. He hoped his magazine had arrived so he could try to get his mind off of Carol and the nightmare.

He opened the mailbox but nothing was in it. Confused, he walked to his neighbor’s mailbox to see if he had gotten any mail, empty. He went inside the house and into the kitchen to get his coffee and then sat down at the table. Right in front of him was his magazine open on a picture of Bora Bora. He glanced at his watch and realized it was the same day, he must have taken a nap and thought he slept through the night; however, he didn’t remember getting the magazine earlier that day.

Eveline had called him earlier just to say hello and check in. She said she wanted to stop by but she had to work that day. It wasn’t any issue for Mr. Cook because he had been particularly grumpy. The previous day he scolded his neighbor for using the blower again when he was trying to have some peace and quiet; he even called him an imbecile.

“Oh yea, well you’re just an angry, troubled old man who is going to die alone,” The neighbor said and then turned the blower back on ignoring Mr. Cook. That was the first time his neighbor really got mad, he must have been pushed to the last straw…

Mr. Cook felt bad about what he had said but it was already too late. He figured there was no point in trying to make any friends at his age. Forming relationships with anyone at this point is not fair to them because he was going to die soon anyway…

Oscar was on the window sill and heard Mr. Cook in the kitchen. He did his usual leap from the window and meowed while he stretched next to Mr. Cook’s leg. Mr. Cook had a hard time remembering if he fed him or not so he had resorted to giving Oscar full cans of food, and had put out a large bowl of water as suggested by Eveline -so he didn’t have to refill it as often.

Mr. Cook thought about Eveline as he placed food in Oscar’s bowl. He couldn’t believe that he actually sort of missed her. He especially missed Clara. Something about Clara reminded him of Carol, it almost seemed like her spirit was inside of Clara.

The next day Eveline had set aside her work and planned to visit Mr. Cook. He was slower to answer the door which made Eveline even more concerned than she already was.

“How are you feeling today?’

He shrugged his shoulders and responded how he usually does “I feel like I am 94..” He said in a snarky tone.

Eveline giggled and told him to sit down while she made the coffee. He typically forgot to either put the grounds in, or the water so Eveline made it for him.

“Any good boats in the ads today?”

“A few, there is a 43 Nordhavn. You know, that was always our dream… Carol and me… that one day we would own a bigger boat; likely a Nordhavn and sail around the world.”

“That sounds lovely Mr. Cook. During my traveling days I would have loved to learn how to sail. I would actually prefer sailing over flying now anyway…”

Her heart skipped a beat as Christopher wisped through her mind. She wished he were still there. Daydreaming of her, Clara, and Christopher sailing around the world together put an ominous look on her face.

“Are you ok?” Said Mr. Cook.

“Fine, I’m fine… just thinking about Christopher.”

“Is that your husband?”

“He was…”

To be Continued…





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