Mr. Cook: Chapter 10

Eveline and Mr. Cook were sitting at the dinner table. He was telling more stories about his time at sea, about Carol when she became a nurse, and Eveline shared her story about Christopher. She told Mr. Cook about their time traveling and how they fell in love while doing what they love.

“It was the best time of my life, I was free. Nothing was in my way and I was free to go wherever I wanted, he followed me until I agreed to go to dinner with him.”

Mr. Cook smiled and shared the story about how he met Carol.

“We were in the same class, she kept staring at me or so I thought, so I would make faces at her and then one day the teacher told me I had to stop doing it because it made the rest of the class giggle. Turns out her best friend was right behind me so every time I thought she was looking at me, she was actually looking at her friend. They thought I was a clown. It took me months to work up the courage to finally ask her out.”

Mr. Cook was actually enjoying Eveline’s company. He felt solace in the fact that she went through a similar loss that he did.

Meanwhile, Clara was in the living room watching cartoons on the small television that Mr. Cook rarely ever watched. She had fallen asleep on the couch while Eveline and Mr. Cook were talking. They must have been talking for hours because when Eveline got up to check on Clara she noticed it was pitch black outside. Not only that, but it had been snowing the whole time they were talking.

She woke Clara up and hurried her coat on and told Mr. Cook that she wasn’t sure if she could drive in this but that she was going to try. Before she even made it to the car Mr. Cook had his shoes on and hobbled outside to stop them.

“It’s not safe to drive in this. The hill will be too slick, there isn’t another way down that isn’t a hill. You guys are welcome to stay here until the morning and then see if it has melted away.”

Eveline was reluctant. She felt a little strange staying in an old man’s home that she had only known for a little over a month. She shrugged her shoulders an agreed and took Clara’s hand and went inside.

Mr. Cook was feeling very friendly this evening after their long talk. He didn’t have any other place for both of them to sleep aside from the spare room, which was the one he slept in. The only other option was the master bedroom.

“I will fix the master bedroom, you guys can stay in there,” he put a hand up before Eveline could bud in “Don’t worry I did wash the sheets since.. you know.”

Eveline wasn’t sure about that. She knew Carol died at the dinner table but something felt really strange about sleeping in the bed that they used to share. She remembered how it felt to sleep in the bed alone that her and Christopher shared. But, it was better than cramming on the couch, and, it was only for one night… hopefully.

They settled in, Clara was the first one asleep of course, it was way past her bedtime and she was exhausted. Eveline had a really hard time sleeping. She kept waking up and turning to the other side. She was just not going to be able to sleep in that bed. She didn’t want to wake Clara so she just shut her eyes and laid there until the early morning.

It was much earlier than the time Mr. Cook usually got up, but Eveline could not wait any longer in that bed and Clara was wide awake anyway. It was still very icy out so she knew she would have to wait until later to hopefully make the drive home. She put on a pot of coffee and fed Oscar. She thought it would be a nice surprise to make Mr. Cook some breakfast, he probably hadn’t had anyone cook for him since Carol died.

She made some bacon, toast and topped the toast with a poached egg. Then she went downstairs to wake Mr. Cook. She knocked on the bedroom door and quietly said his name.

“Mr. Cook, I made you some breakfast.”

The door swung open the second time she tried to knock. She walked closer to him and put her hand on his.

It was cold.




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