Today at work a gentleman walked in for an appointment. Before he even came to the door I assumed he was a homeless man. He was dressed in a dirty, faded denim jacket, ripped sweat pants, a wide-brimmed hat that reminded me of something my dad would wear while fishing, and his hair was long and greasy. His eyes were red and his skin looked tired. He gave me an uncertain look so I waited for him to ask me for something. Turns out he was in my office for an appointment.

I’m guilty, I completely judged this person for his appearance and I hope that my face didn’t give away the thoughts and disbelief in my head when he said he was one of our clients.

I hate it when people make assumptions about me, especially when it comes to my age, appearance or how I chose to live my life. I will often hear someone say, “oh you’re too young to know this yet,” and in the back of my mind I’m rolling my eyes. I am a hypocrite because I know at least one time a day I make an assumption about someone else based on how they look, or speak, or carry themselves.

There was another time when it happened to me; I was hanging out with some friends in Orting having a good time watching football. Orting is a pretty small town; there are a few farms and only one main shopping area. I had been going there for years to visit my aunt and boyfriend who lived there. They had a guest over who I had never met before and when I told him I lived in Seattle he says “Oh, well you must be out of your comfort zone”.

Typically I would just laugh and let them think what they want. What made me angry was the fact that it wasn’t a question but a statement, a complete assumption about me based on where I live.

I just couldn’t believe this guy, throughout the night he made remarks about me being from the city even after my friend explained it to him. I ended up leaving early. I had many words I would have liked to say to him; he didn’t know me at all!

I am going to do my best to avoid making judgments about people. A thought might cross my mind here and there but hopefully I will realize it now, and I will do my best to treat everyone with respect. You never know when one Tiny misjudgment could really piss someone off or ruin their day.

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2 thoughts on “Judgment

  1. The story about the man you thought was homeless made me think of this skit (I can’t remember where it was from) where the girl is dating this guy for a while who is handsome but a little disheveled. She thinks he’s a hipster, it turns out he’s homeless.

    Anyway, nice post! 🙂 Assumptions do suck, but we all make them. I try not to get too upset when people make them about me.

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  2. I’ve seen a similar skit as well. A guy tries to hit on a girl while wearing raggedy clothes, he gets rejected, then returns to the samr girl moments later in a corvette and expensive suit and the girl tries to hit on him and then gets rejected herself.



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