Wild Child

giant-510674_640We could all use a little humor once in a while. The post Escaping Reality, One Adventure at a Time — Oddities and Ends inspired this piece about silly memories from my childhood. I was a wild child, my nickname didn’t end with “-alien” for no reason. If it was quiet in the house my mom knew that was a bad sign. I’d probably be shoving a screw driver into an electric socket, drawing on the walls or the cat, or sitting on my bed chewing off the hands and feet of a barbie -yes, I did that.

My sister enjoyed picking on me and made me do silly things when I was at a vulnerable age. She once told me that if I ever thought I had a spider on me to jump up and down, spin around, and scream “I’m an idiot,” and that it was the only way to get it off… I believed her… I did exactly what she told me.

When she would really piss me off or if I got really mad, which happened often, I would stick my tongue out and bite down on it really hard, squeeze my fists, squint my eyes and furrow my brows. Sometimes it was the only way I could stop myself from punching her (I did punch her a few times). It looked bizarre but now looking back it was hilarious. It didn’t help when my parents would laugh at me but I now understand why.

There is a home video of when my sister and I had our mini pink corvette. I was angry because she wouldn’t stop the car to let me out. As she was driving in circles around our driveway I wound my hand up over her head, bit my tongue and pounded on her head as she circled another time, she finally had to stop the car. To this day I still wish we submitted the video to AFV.

On the post I mentioned earlier from Oddities and Ends, Jessie wrote about transforming into the characters she used to watch on TV and in movies which sparked another memory from my childhood. Whether the characters on my favorite shows were real or fantasy I believed I had Transformation powers as well. I would hang onto the slide at recess pretending to be drowning, and hoped a cute boy would come rescue me in slow motion like in the show “Baywatch”.

My friends and I used to run around tilting our heads back and forth to pretend we were in the intense scenes of Titanic. I don’t really know how that improved the experience but we did it anyway, and probably caused a lot of concern from bystanders for our mental health. Titanic was one of my favorite movies. I’d watch the second tape at least three times a week and watch Rose release Jack into the water and cry, every time “I’ll never let go”.

My sister and I were obsessed with the Spice Girls. I am pretty sure we still have the Spice World VHS tape and could probably still sing all the words to the songs. I was always Sporty Spice and my sister was either Baby Spice or Posh Spice. At the end of the movie they put on a great performance and the best part was at the end when they do the high kick. I’ll never forget doing that and screaming “Hi Ci Ya Hold Tight!”.

My sister and I were always playing pretend. Her favorite game was “teacher” and she demanded to always play Melinda, the teacher; which was also the name of my tooth fairy and it took me 10 years to figure out it was her. Anyway, I was playing her student one day and I was being the typical goof, she was getting angry because I wasn’t paying attention. She told me I had to write out “I am sorry” 15 times. So I did exactly that, word for word “I am sorry 15 times,” she was furious.

I’m sure I will post about other funny childhood memories, there are a LOT of them. I am torn about hoping I never have a child that is like me, because on the other hand, at least I would never be bored. Plus, I’d have many embarrassing stories to tell to their future boyfriends or girlfriends just like my parents do.

via Daily Prompt: Transformation


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