Ugly Truth- Needed to Vent

Maybe I’m a bitch, maybe you won’t agree with some of the things I say. But I do not care if you disagree with my personal opinions. However, I will respect differences of opinion.

I am just so fed up with things, even if they are small.

If you work in a business that handles multiple phone calls a day, you should know the importance of quick and need-to-know information. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to have a pleasant conversation but if I ask you questions such as “what team are you working with?” I only need the answer not the whole story behind it. Especially when I answer the phone with “how can I direct your call,” please understand that I am trying to get you to the right person, so don’t get mad at me when I have to ask you a few questions to get you someone who is actually available.

As a former team leader I understand the importance of keeping everyone informed of TEAM changes or decisions. There is no need to keep secrets for the benefit of the team.

It’s so unfair that we are one of the busier teams yet when someone is on vacation for a different team, they plan to have someone (from our team) cover them- yet when we are missing a person, the rest of us have to run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Sorry to be vague, there are reasons for it.

Also, its bullshit to use people for your own personal benefit, if it only helps you and no-one else that is SELFISH. Why not try to help everyone on our team succeed and not just yourself…

I am also fed up with people not listening to me over the phone. I wanted to enroll in benefits and after I called three times and got voicemail promising me a call back (which they didn’t) I had to tell this person 5 times that I had already selected the options that I wanted to enroll in and that I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO LISTEN TO THE PRESENTATION OF EACH OPTION. She told me if I didn’t have time, to call back on Monday; I was about to flip my lid.

After the 5th time I told her she finally looked at my account after I had already given her all my information and saw that I had “enrolled” and “waived” certain options. Then she read the list of them to make sure it was correct. THANK YOU that is what I wanted in the first place.

Lastly I am tired of being taken advantage of. Too many people have done it and Im guilty for allowing it. Don’t make promises you cant fucking keep. Be a decent human being and if I’m reaching out to you telling you Im almost suicidal and you don’t respond for 7 months -and then when you do you say “you deserve to know Im getting a divorce because you’ve been with us from the start. You listened to all our problems and helped me,” -don’t expect me to jump on the pitty train. This was also after I had sent another heartfelt letter apologizing for a lot of things.

Don’t expect me to comfort you when you make every situation about yourself and you only want me in your life when you can benefit from it in some way.

I used to be extremely forgiving and normally I would have stepped up and been the bigger person and I tried. At first I responded saying “Im so sorry, but Im proud of you for doing the best thing for you and your son. Maybe when things settle down we can get together and discuss our relationship”. I got no response for months, then I blew up and sent her one last letter. I poured my heart out again and reminded her that we had been best friends for 21 years! No response.

The only reason she stopped talking to me in the first place was because I disagreed with her about whether a brides family should pay for bridemaids dresses or not…

Im trying to move on with my life now. Im trying to make new friends and get over the times people have hurt me. Its really fucking hard. Im so stressed out that I get hot flashes and I feel like Im being a huge bitch to everyone around me, even my family. I need a vacation, or a break. Oh but I guess you actually have to make good money for that, which is really hard too because companies just want to take advantage of you. It’s all bullshit.

Sorry if this got a little real or to complain-y for ya. I’m not looking for any pats on the back I just needed to vent.


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