Rant from a Receptionist

From the title of this post, you can probably guess that I am a receptionist. I am fairly new to this type of work. I do my best to have patience and learn to multitask in a busy environment. However there are some key things that really just irritate me so much.

The first is when people do not respect my workspace. This is not just the lobby area, it is my desk and workspace. I have to be able to hear the customers on the phone. That means when you are sitting here waiting, and the phone rings, you can take your conversation OUTSIDE into the atrium or to one of the conference rooms.

A lot of the time my position requires me to assist other members of the office with different tasks. Sometime we use outside businesses and work with them, they use our conference rooms. Sometimes the employees try to interrupt me while I’m on the phone or ask me to do things for them that is part of THEIR job while I am busy trying to finish my work on time. If you ask me something and I tell you “I need to finish this hold on.” please don’t keep explaining to me what you need to do and why you need to do it quickly.

I am here to help you but often my tasks require that I finish the specific page before I can even click out of whatever it is I’m working on. I am the type of person who will start writing whatever my train of thought is instead of what I was supposed to be writing.

At my job it is against the law for me to leave the front area. So when you call me on the phone and I transfer you to someone and you get voicemail, do not call me back and get mad at me. Sometime there aren’t anyone available this is actually a pretty small office. I am literally the messenger do not blame me for not being able to get you someone. If it is urgent I promise I will get someone to call you back right away.

Also, I am not the damn maid. Yes, it is part of my job to tidy up and maintain the office. If you work here, its really not hard to put your dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink… It also really irritates me when people leave their coffee cups in the room or throw trash on the floor when there is a garbage can within a few feet…  One lady brought her toddler who smashed M&Ms into the carpet and she didn’t clean it up or mention it to me. I found it after she left… There was chocolate everywhere and we had to put in a work order to have the maintenance crew clean the carpets.

Lastly, twice today I had people come in to solicit us. One was with a company and I refused to give him contact information, so he reached over and grabbed a business card that I didn’t realize had the email address on it that I originally refused to give him. What a dick move! Another person came in with no appointment to speak to one of our reps (who are extremely busy right now) and “link up”. Luckily our rep picked up on his game quickly and didn’t give him much detail. He was just fishing for details about us so he could go off and start doing it on his own. On one hand it was actually pretty clever of him, but on the other hand, he was stupid to think our business wouldn’t pick up on what he was trying to do… He didn’t even shake her hand.

Anyway those are just my rants of the day. It’s been a crazy day in the office and there is high tension here. Does anyone else have any funny office stories or rants they want to share? I’d love to hear it!


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