Goofy Thoughts

Boy is my head swarming this morning. I woke up with quite the headache. Often when I’m not feeling well I find myself talking to myself out loud a lot, it’s pretty funny and I don’t realize it until it too late… and then proceed to laugh out loud at myself. I can’t imagine what other people think of it. I am just in a goofy mood today, so here is a hiccup of my thoughts.

I was lying in my bed this morning and had the daily debate of how much I really need my job. I so badly just wanted to lay in my bed. My bank account is a harsh reminder of why I need it and is ultimately the reason I weaseled myself out of bed.

My bed is extremely comfortable too, which makes getting out of it even more difficult. It always seems like the last five minutes before my alarm blares are when I find the most comfortable position.

I have a super fluffy duvet and a silky smooth cover. My sheets are soft cotton and my 6 (yes 6) pillows are down and super silky, cold and squishy just the way I like it. I like to surround myself with my pillows and have one leg on top of my fluffy duvet. Is it weird to have such a strong “relationship” with my bed?

I actually googled it this morning because I was curious if other people share the same thoughts as me. I guess there is actually a thing called “bed addiction”. A lot of what I read pointed to depression as being the most common reason people don’t want to get out of bed. However, I truly don’t think I am depressed.

I was extremely sick this last weekend and spent my entire weekend in my bed. When I was awake I watched a few Youtube videos but when I was tired of staring at my phone I would just lay there in silence. I kept moving my legs to find the cold spot on the bed, and I just really enjoyed the solitude.  I truly just love the feeling of my fluffy comforter and pillows. It is such a comforting, secure feeling.

I don’t consider myself lazy. I work full time and exercise often and I maintain my appearance. I try my best to keep up my room, although I’ll admit I am not the most organized by any means. I did however manage to fill four trash bags of goodwill items when I finally did get stir crazy this weekend.

When I do clean my room, typically my main focal point is my bed. I take pride in making sure my sheets are pulled super tight and my comforter is fluffed and folded over at the top. I have fuzzy throw blankets and big pink quilted pillow that I use most for decoration. I get extremely excited to go to bed when I know it’s made just how I like it.

Maybe this is really strange to some people. It’s just normal for me because most of my time at home is spent in my bedroom since my desk and computer is there. I have a tv in there with a pretty stellar sound system too. I don’t really watch a lot of tv but I do listen to music a lot and even occasionally dance like a maniac by myself.

Sometimes I consider changing my plans just so that I can go home and sleep in my bed. I’ve left my friends house at 3am a few times after changing my mind and deciding I wanted to sleep in my own bed. I honestly can’t stand sleeping in someone else’s bed or on a couch unless I’m drunk (lol).

I spent over $200 on bedding for my ex because I couldn’t stand the scratchy sheets he had and his embroidered comforter. I set my bare leg on top of it and it was just awful, bumpy, and scratchy.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve made my point clear by now. I just enjoy my alone time and I consider myself a very independent person. Is it really a bad thing to enjoy these things that much when it honestly makes me happy?


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