It’s supposed to snow in Seattle finally. We got a little drizzle on Monday and tonight were supposed to get 1-3 inches, which is very little but I’m still excited. I miss the winters back in the 90s when we would get at least a foot!

It’s funny how everyone is posting on Facebook, freaking out about the horrible people that “think” they can drive in the snow but SHOULDNT. I’m not excited for that either… Speaking of the 90s when I was a child, my dad always made snow fun for me and my sister.

When he picked me up from school in my favorite diesel truck (which he only drove in snow or to tow stuff), we would get close to our driveway and then he would turn and look at me with an ominous grin. I knew what was about to happen and would always laugh and say “oh no!” as he turned into the church parking lot next to our house and do donuts. I loved that.

Another year we got about 2 feet of snow. We had a tractor that we rented to do sewer maintenance but since we got snowed in my dad had a great idea. He made a giant hill out of the snow and cut stairs into it with the bucket of the tractor. Eventually the whole neighborhood was at our house to sled down the hill. Some families even came from a few towns away after hearing about the awesome dad who built a sledding hill. When the hill wore down he would just re-pack it and then we were back to sledding. I think that is my favorite memory.

This one is from my mom’s childhood. My grandpa was often called “Mr. Electronics” because he always had the newest gadgets and cool stuff. He bought a snowmobile and had it for a few winters and never got to use it. So at the first sign of snow he took it out and decided to drop my mom off at her bus stop for school. Only there wasn’t quite enough snow so they were sparking on the pavement the whole way there.

Do any of you have some fun winter memories? I’d love to hear them 🙂


2 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. We haven’t had a good snow here in the Ozarks in a very long time either. I usually would rather not have snow, but this year I am in the mood for a very heavy snow. Growing up my sister and I loved to go out get a bowl of snow, bring it back it and sprinkle koolaid on it and eat it! Thinking about it now I think… ‘How dirty that had to be’ and my jaw is tensing up just thinking about how sour it used to be. Lol We wouldn’t mix the aid just put the powder directly on it and it was insanely sour. A lot of great memories!

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    1. Great memory! I always ate snow when I was younger. I never wanted to quit playing so when I was thirsty I would put the snow in my mouth till it melted. I definitely remember getting a bit of crunch, dirt or grass in it lol. #donteattheyellowsnow

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