Busy Bird Feeder

These are from the snow we had last Friday morning, I was amazed at how busy the feeder was at my parents house, especially in below 30 degree weather. My mom always makes sure to keep them fed and even warms the bird bath so they have fresh water. She told me she once saw a Robin on our side walk sitting on the ground, when she approached closer she realized it was frozen solid. She felt so bad and has made efforts to help them survive the cold Winter days.

Some ways she helps them are by making sure they have plenty of food to give them energy and fatten up. She will often leave out pieces of thick yarn or even sometimes cat hair that we brush off of Luna for them to use as filler for their nests. Before winter comes we clean out their ‘bird mansion’ which you can see in my other post “More Snow”, and put some hay or other bedding material to help insulate it and help them stay warm.

The last two photos I just added because I thought were interesting. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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