Online Dating Troubles

I have been online dating for years. I have a found a few decent guys throughout the years, but obviously since I am single now none of them worked out. The sites that seem the most promising charge you $50 just for a month! Wtf! I don’t want to pay and then end up finding out it’s exactly like the other websites.

Some of my encounters are laughable and others are just plain weird. I will often give a guy extra points for messaging me first however, and not to sound conceited because I don’t mean it that way; why do some of these dudes think I’d be interested in them, when their profile is literally NOTHING like mine? ZERO common interests.

One guy straight up said, in his first message “Have you ever dominated a guy?”…. DELETE, BLOCK. I should have responded with something like, “yea he is still locked in my basement” or something to freak him out. Lord knows I’ve learned my lesson that if you message them back with ANYTHING even an insult, they think you want them…

Another guy messaged ME first. I thought he was super hot and shared the same interests. The reason I emphasized the ME first part was because he acted so uninterested in talking to me after I responded. Here is exactly our conversation..

Hello gorgeous

Me: Hey, how are you?

wyd tonight

Me: Hanging with my best friend, were about to go Christmas shopping.


Me: What kind of cars do you own/work on?

(no response for hours)

I drift, I own a Mazda Miata.

Me: Oh nice, I used to love the thrill or racing when I had my Mustang, but now I’m more of a truck girl since I got my Toyota.

(no response for a day)

Me: Did you grow up here?

You mean in Washington? (DUH)

Me: Yea..

For the most part.

Me: Where did you go to school?


Me: Cool, well you should tell me a secret 🙂

I don’t have secrets.

Me: Well Im out of questions do you want to know anything about me?

Are you serious about wanting a relationship? Im only asking because I don’t want to get hurt again. (whoa too soon)

Me: Well, yes I am serious but I want to take my time and do it the right way, and I would never hurt anyone intentionally.

(no response for a while)

Me: So Im going to be visiting a friend near you would you like to go to dinner or grab a drink?

(hours later but he read my message)

I just spent my whole paycheck on car parts sorry hun I cant afford it right now.

Me: No worries, I’d just rather meet in a public setting so we can do this another time, unless you have another idea?

Oh I see, so now that I don’t have money you don’t want to go out, that tells me exactly what kind of woman I’m talking to.

(whoa whoa back up, did I not just ask him if he had another idea lol?)

Me: Not at all, that’s why I asked if you had another idea…

(a while later, and he was just so attractive so I decided to give it one more shot…)

Me: Im sorry you’ve been hurt in the past, I’ve been hurt too. I had a really bad day and you just put the cherry on top.

Was it that bad? (ok so don’t even apologize for insulting me)

Me: Yea it was..

(I asked a few more questions and got one word answers)

Me: I don’t know why I tried to save this conversation

What do you mean?

*face palm*

Can there just be a nice guy out there who can show me how to work on my truck, shares the same love for animals, is adventurous, romantic, and spontaneous; likes the outdoors and is humble/respectful and mentally stable(<—-MOST IMPORTANT!)?! Is my order too tall lol?



One thought on “Online Dating Troubles

  1. You sure put in the effort with that one! Lol I don’t care how hot she is, if I only get one word replies and no questions I am outta there. Also that guy was clearly rebounding – sounded like his girlfriend dumped him the week before.

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