Rant about a facebook rant

A friend of mine posted a nasty rant on facebook. It has absolutely nothing to do with me but it really got some thoughts rolling in the back of my mind. It took a lot of will power to not respond and laugh at her and tell her to grow up. She is only embarrassing herself making it seem like no one wants to hang out with her lol. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true.

Why put “PSA” in front of your post when you’re just putting your problems out there for everyone to see. It’s almost laughable that you think anyone wants to be friends with you when you treat people like shit; and then you want to blame them for not being part of your life after your husband left for 2 years.

I don’t know what the root of your problems are but since you’re putting it out for the public, my opinion is that if my friend’s husband was visiting for a couple days I would leave them alone so they could be together. I can’t imagine my feelings opening facebook to see that you bitched about it.

Maybe those friends stopped hanging out after he left because you’re actually a shitty person to be around, and because you’re selfish and only talk about yourself, brag about yourself, or complain about problems that could be easily solved if you just stopped throwing money at people to do things for you. Grow up.

The one time you tried to get me to come out with you I was already with my best friend ‘drinking wine’. You then said “Good grief I don’t know how you drink that much” insinuating that I have some sort of alcohol problem when you really do not know me AT all.

I have literally hung out with her maybe three times and we don’t talk often. No idea where she got that idea but it was clear she was just upset that I wouldn’t go hang out with her. The truth is that I wasn’t even drinking I just told her that to avoid having to hang out with her…But, back to my point. What kind of public service was she announcing in her post? The only public service she could do is remove herself from my facebook feed and stop clogging up my cat videos.

When you make something everyone else’s problem don’t get angry when someone calls you out or disagrees with you. Don’t be all butt hurt when someone has an opposing opinion and states their case and other people side with them. What if the person the post was directed to got on there and decided to call you out for all of your bullshit for the public to see? You would probably get angry and it would cause a comment war on facebook.

I am guilty, I’ve done that before and started a relationship altering fight on facebook. I have learned that lesson (more than once) and I am so done putting anything about my personal relationships on facebook .

What is the point of being their friend anyway, and what is the point of posting about it on facebook? Obviously you lack enough respect to talk to them in person and maybe it’s because of something YOU did, but you don’t know about because you wouldn’t just talk to them like and adult.

You are also putting words in your husbands mouth and creating a bad reputation for him. I think that is overall the worst part of it considering his profession. That makes me so angry.

This is why I hate facebook. I will be making some changes to my account and I am going to defriend/unfollow some more people because this is ridiculous. I don’t care about your massage appointment or your nail appointment that you go to every single week. I don’t care about your filtered selfies or yet another deer filter selfie. I don’t care to open my facebook and watch another video of you with a dog face licking the screen.

I want to see more of my sister snow-shoeing on Mount Rainier, and my father going skiing for the first time in 15 years. I want to see my best friend achieve her step goal on fitbit and like her new badge achievement post. I want to see my niece sing and watch my friend play with his adorable new kitten.

I go to facebook for connections. If I wanted politics I would go watch television or the news etc.

I want my family that lives across the U.S. to be able to see my accomplishments because with a huge family like mine it would be impossible to call everyone and plus I don’t usually call my cousins for that stuff, but even they can see it and we can all be in touch. I have over 2,000 photos on facebook and most of them I don’t remember until it pops up on my memories section which I love! These are the only reasons I have a facebook.

Right now it just seems like facebook is where sad, lonely people go and make their lives appear to be a fairytale, if only they could see how fake they look until you read between the lines and realize NO ONE CARES.

Just for a little laugh at the end of this, yes I am on my period haha. Sorry if that’s too much info but I’m a little bitchy in case you haven’t noticed ūüėČ



I Was Foolish

Well… I’m definitely human and I make mistakes.. I went against something I said way at the start of my blog. I posted a few rants about some former friends of mine. One of them was involved in the mess with my ex that I have been writing about a lot recently.

I was so foolish. I let my guard down and reached out to her about three months ago and we finally tried to resolve our friendship. It lasted a little while but only on social media. We would talk online and make plans to hang out but never actually followed through.

It seems our lives just drifted apart and to be honest I wasn’t that eager to hang out with her just yet. After the recent messages from my ex I got drunk one night and responded. I didn’t “invite him” anywhere but my message did not sound how I intended it¬†went I finally sent it… All I said was “I am at our old spot with a friend and it brought back some memories”.

My friend I reconnected with later asked me if I ever¬†responded to his original message (explained in another post). All I told her was “yes and then I blocked him”. She then says “oh, Kate said you invited him out, she said she¬†saw the message so my curiosity got the best of me”. Okay, first of all the ex in reference is the one who was such a fucking asshole to me. She witnessed when he did this before and lied about it¬†to me AND to did this to¬†Kate before¬†and STILL questions MY motives? I finally figured it out. He plays the games, she stirs the pot..

This friend I am referring to is the one who I said I would never let back in my life because of all the demons that would come with it and look what happened. I got sucked in again but I am not going to let it bring me down again.

So I told her that I made a mistake, I don’t want to put her in a position where she has to choose between me and another friend but that it is clear, she is not on my side if she even for one second thought I would have acted on my stupid text message. I haven’t spoken to that guy in over a year until that night. It was stupid of me and I mostly just wanted to see what his response would be so I could catch him in the act and have proof again. But it backfired on me.

I am not that upset about loosing her, I am just upset that I let my guard down and went against my better judgment. I could have avoided this whole thing. Man, I really thought I had my shit together. I know I’m still doing WAY better than last year but I have a lot of improvements to make.

Stressed Out

I’m a little stressed out. I am trying to make so many positive changes but it always seems like when I finally feel good and am doing the best I can, that life puts me to the test. I’m stressed out about money, concerned for some of my friends, had a conflict with someone, and I’m tired of seeing all the political posts¬†recently so I¬†deactivated my social media for the time being.

I’ve been dieting recently as part of my resolutions and I’ve been so good except for last night when I had pizza. I felt guilty immediately and I’ve been trying to make up for it today. I did it to myself and it’s discouraging but I have to keep pushing.

I found out over the weekend that the ex I was ranting about recently is going to a wedding that I will be in- in November. So now I have all this pressure/motivation to get¬†in shape¬†for that. The image of myself I have in my head of what I want to look like on that day would render him speechless. If he brings his girlfriend, my former friend, I would love to see both of their faces when I look hot as hell, maybe I’ll even have a hot date by then.

I am working extra hard¬†but I’m¬†worried about my motivation lasting the whole 9 months until the wedding. I want to get back to the weight I was in 2011, which was about 160 pounds. I am 5′ 7″ and now weight about 226 (already 8 pounds down in a month). Only 66 pound to go! Not only do I want to loose the weight but I want to look toned and athletic. I¬†want to¬†join a gym and maybe even get a trainer to help me with my goal. I will probably have to loose the weight sooner¬†so I can order the right size bridesmaid dress.. Either that or buy the dress and get it altered before the wedding. Any recommendations for that?

I am also getting nervous about starting my new job. I won’t have a break before I start, my last day is next Tuesday then I start the new one on Wednesday. I have to get a bunch of stuff for my orientation like medical records¬†and I don’t know who has them since I’ve had¬†about four different doctors at different places.

I just resolved an issue¬†with a bill that I didn’t know was processed FIVE days after I received confirmation that it had- and in the words on the confirmation- “POSTED” on the 13th. So I had not accounted for that amount in my bank account so towards the end of my pay period they finally took it out and¬†it bounced. I didn’t know until today when I got a letter in the mail. I am a little angry that they emailed me, no call! If it’s something serious like a bill payment bouncing (that effects my credit) a call would have been nice!

I am also so annoyed and done with this office. I want to keep a good rep and stick out the rest of the two weeks but I am so miserable here. It’s so slow they really don’t even need me right now. I’ve been taking a lot of walks… Lord help me get through these bumps and hopefully everything will work itself out. At least I have the new job to look forward to, and I know I have a lot to be thankful for. There is just a lot that got thrown on my plate all in one day..


Defined by your actions.

Cruel words can hurt.

But what you don’t know,

Is that they hurt much less,

Much less than the feeling you get,

When you look in the mirror

And you see your reflection.

Regret lingers

Underneath the mask.

You taught yourself to hide,

Behind words,

Behind make up,

Behind hair and nails,

Behind a computer screen

And behind my back.

You may think you did it,

You may think you’re beautiful,

On the outside.

But what you can’t hide,

Is what is truly inside.

Maybe it’s just me,

Maybe you can be (good),

But as much as I try,

All I see

Is the ugly.




So Frustrated (rant)

I recently accepted a new position and I am starting over with a new company and business all together. My time at my current position started out wonderfully and I was really excited about my future.

For many reasons, things started to change at the office. It was one of the busiest seasons they ever had and it caused a lot of tension and conflict, especially having multiple hot-headed, successful women who do all do their processes differently working in the same office. It caused one person to leave because this job would have literally killed her. After she left the tension was altered slightly and I began to enjoy it again.

I was moved up and taken from the¬†closed off¬†front area and moved to the back to train for a higher position. I asked in person and tried many times to discuss my new responsibilities and by boss conveniently was always either sick, too busy and ignored me all together. I was promised to be trained and specific hours of the week. It only happened twice… I learned the rest on my own.

Then about a month later another lead began to act like the one who quit, and was being nasty. They were becoming angry and bitchy and were constantly negative. That type of attitude rubbed off on everyone else and caused more conflict until they finally had enough and left as well.

One of the¬†problems I am having is that NO ONE in this company plans ahead… They take no measures to ensure that¬†the lead’s¬†clients were notified¬†that they¬†left the company. I have multiple customers per day who call asking for¬†that person¬†and are surprised when I tell them they no longer work here and that their lead has changed to someone else with out their consent. It makes all of us look bad. But, like I said in my other rants, clearly they don’t care about the customers and only about the money they make.

When I started here I was promised multiple things. I was promised full benefits after 90 days and plenty of opportunities¬†for growth.. I worked my ass off and learned the business from scratch. I’ve been here months and come to find out I don’t even work for this company, I am actually employed through a vendor that they chose for me. I was hired as a TEMP without that being specifically disclosed.

I asked for my papers that I signed when I was hired so I could go over them again and make sure I knew what I signed up for. NO ONE has those papers. I was told to look online and I have and I’ve contacted the vendor and my boss and no one has any of my papers except for my I-9… What the heck?!

This¬†season is super slow. People were talking about layoffs and conveniently for the company,¬†I’m the expendable one. So I decided to get out as soon as possible before I was¬†laid off and found another job.

What a coincidence that¬†on the day I gave my notice, my car was fucking keyed in our parking garage. There are other businesses in this building, no cameras in the garage and I spoke to the garage manager who told me they can’t do anything about it. I suspect it was a coworker of mine who found out I was leaving¬†before I planned for them to.

You see, a friend of mine who works here helped me get the job. So I respectfully notified her FIRST and NO ONE else that I had found another job. I asked that she wait to mention anything until I had a chance to talk to everyone else first.¬†I found out from another coworker that my other team member (one of our leads)¬†heard it from my friend before I had a chance to tell them. UGH I hate it when people gossip like that, at least I take it here where no one¬† even knows who I’m talking about, and I’m not¬†doing it maliciously I am simply frustrated and want to let it out! I do not expect any outcome from this… I really did not expect my ADULT friend to go behind my back like that.

I understand if she feels angry that she helped me get this job but I spoke to her about my issues in person¬†before, told her I was looking for another job,¬†and she was really surprised about some of the things I said. I thought she would be happy for me but she didn’t even respond when I told her. She lives hours away so I¬†didn’t have the chance to¬†tell her in person. I probably should have called her but I thought she would be understanding. I emailed her and respectfully told her that I had a new opportunity and thanked her for her efforts and hoping she would understand. I didn’t want her to think I was ungrateful. I guess none of my efforts helped. She lied to me anyway promising me a promotion saying she would hire me as her assistant if I waited until the end of the year. I couldn’t wait any longer and don’t want to work with her anyway.

The lead¬†she told is on the same team as me and¬†did not like me from the start. They(the lead. I’m trying to be as vague as possible about their¬†identity)¬†were rude, condescending, confrontational,¬†and narcissistic. I highly suspect it was¬†the lead¬†because after talking with my boss about my job change we agreed it would be best for my boss to tell¬†the lead first,¬†and then I would talk to¬†the lead¬†about it after.

I was waiting for my boss to tell me¬†they told¬†that person¬†(like¬†they said¬†they would) and no surprise to me, they didn’t.. I should have just told¬†the lead¬†myself and looking back now it was stupid of me to rely on my boss to do it because I learned long ago that¬†my boss it lazy and does not do anything that they say..¬†So towards the end of the day my team member came up to me and told me they knew about it and congratulated me (I didn’t buy the act¬†one bit). I hate to be the kind of person to point fingers but due to the unplanned way that they found out and adding up all the previous times they were¬†malicious to me for no reason I strongly suspect the lead was the one who keyed my car.

I have no way of finding out, I don’t want to accuse anyone without proof, and now I have scratches down to the metal all along the passenger side of my car.. I am taking it to get an estimate tomorrow…

I am trying to be respectful and stick out the two weeks with my chin up and ignore my rotten team-mate. However, I am finding it extremely difficult and I am having a really hard time ‘killing them with kindness’. I am afraid of what might come out if they do one more thing to piss me off… I can’t wait for February 1st!

Thanks for listening to my rant…

Update: I emailed the person who helped me get the job to give her a full explanation (not that she deserved it but I felt it was needed). I didn’t want her to think I was ungrateful but I also didn’t want to sound like I owed her something because that’s not right. I worded it in the nicest way possible, and explained my decisions and timing in such a way that I did not throw anyone under the bus.¬†I cleverly worded it in a way that would make any smart person¬†know they fucked up,¬†without specifically saying¬†I know what they did. I am proud of the way I handled it and I even invited her to sushi to celebrate her promotion and my new position. Choosing whether to react or respond has been a really challenging thing for me in the past so I feel really good for taking the high road and not letting my emotions get the best of me. It feels so good to be such a clever bitch¬†and do it with class, and I know I am a better person for that.


“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

Read that powerful quote today, not sure where it came from but it speaks to me so much right now. I am in the process of changing jobs, as well as changing my lifestyle.

I am trying to be healthier, eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, and bring more happiness into my life overall. I want to eliminate the things and people who are dragging me down. I cannot try to make someone else happy until I am happy with myself.

I am so excited for my job change and to get out of this dreadful office. The people here are just so rude and are stuck in high school. There is so much tension on a daily basis that it’s beginning to rub off on other parts of my life. The processes and actions here truly reflect how this company does not care about it’s employees or it’s customers period. All they care about is money.

I need to focus on me. Put myself as number one. Stop trying to force change without making changes myself. I also need to stop expecting so much and start making the necessary sacrifices to more forward with my life.

So here’s to changes and making my resolutions a reality!

Do you believe in miracles?

My ex and I had a cat named Boots who went missing in June. She went outside as she normally would one night and never came back. We thought she got eaten until I got a call four months later from someone who found a similar looking cat and saw my ad on pawboost. She had very distinguishable tummy markings. It was her! I called my ex and told him I found her and was bringing her home to him.

Poor Boots was skin stretched over bones. We think she might have gotten into someone’s trailer or camper and ended up in Enumclaw (we lived in Puyallup at the time) since she went missing right around the end of June. It was a miracle that someone found her. She is doing much better now and is actually heavier now than before she went missing. We decided we would rather her be a little chubby now than be starving to death. We do¬†monitor her food intake and she gets monthly vet check ups and has a clean bill of health.

The day I found Boots and called my ex he¬†told me he had just committed to rescuing a kitten. So¬†we went from zero to two cats in one day!¬†This little black, fluffy kitty who has many names such as “spider cat” “mittens”¬† “baby kitty” and “willow” was¬†said to be a girl. I originally named¬†her “Willow” and the vet laughed and said “have you seen the movie Willow? In that movie Willow was a boy, what a coincidence”. He and my¬†ex laughed and quoted the movie “Willowwwww take the wand”.

The poor black kitten was found in the tail pipe of a car. The car was on and the driver heard the kitten screaming and shut it off. The hot pipe burned his paws and he spent the first two weeks of his life with his paws wrapped. He was too young to be away from his mother but had no choice since the mother cat was never found.

We think maybe she put him in there to protect him from something and tried to keep our minds clear of foul humans being involved. It’s a sad start to his life but we diligently followed the vet’s instructions and nurtured him until he was healed and strong.

It’s so amazing to think how just a few months ago he could barely walk and couldn’t use a litter box because of his paws. Now he is a WILD, rambunctious boy who terrorizes his sister and his doggie brother Winchester.

Willow¬†loved Winchester from the start. Winnie(the dog’s nickname) is so patient with him. Willow picks on¬†Winnie and then wants to cuddle with him at the end of the day. Sometimes Winnie doesn’t understand and is reluctant¬†to cuddle despite Willow’s continuous effort. Other times¬†Winnie will play so gently and sweetly¬†with Willow. Occasionally they play¬†my favorite¬†game I like to call “Battle of the Bed”. Willow stands at the edge of the bed with his back hunched up and Winnie paces back and forth, grunts and talks in a clearly annoyed tone and huffs and puffs as he throws his head back in frustration. It’s hilarious.

Finally! I caught them cuddling which is becoming a more frequent occurrence. I love all of those pets so much¬†and there is nothing better than cuddling on the couch with all three of them at the same time. They are my “god children” so I have permanent visitation rights!¬†This particular ex and I have a rare understanding¬†and have been able to remain friends after our split.¬†He’s the only exception to that, that I would probably ever make since I know how that usually turns out and have experienced a¬†similar situation before. Anyway here are some pictures of the pets. Some of¬†Boots¬†and Willow during their recovery and then some of Willow and Winnie.¬†¬†Enjoy!







Someday I’ll find love.

Someday I will get married.

Someday I will own a horse.

Someday I will live in a cute farmhouse that I designed.

Someday I will travel around the world.

Someday I will have amazing children.

Someday I will have a career.

Someday I will open my eyes.

Someday I will be surprised.

Someday I will be old.

Someday I will feel old.

Hopefully, I can look back with a smile.

Hopefully, I will achieve my dreams.


Morning Moon Over Puget Sound

This is exactly how it looked in person, glowing golden before setting behind the Olympics. My mom stopped me on the way out the door and asked me to take some pictures with her camera since she isn’t that great at photography. I took a class a few years ago¬†and used some of my skills. I’m rusty but I think they turned out pretty good. I just keep adjusting and shooting until I am satisfied. fb_img_1484237482276fb_img_1484237485618