(Rant)What I really want to say to you

This might be a little dramatic but I don’t really talk to anyone about all that happened in this relationship. This is a strongly worded letter to an ex, since I don’t want to actually reply to his recent message.

You messaged me again. It’s been over a year since I spoke to you last.

We dated for almost 2 years. I was completely in love with you at first. I still have never felt a spark like when we first kissed. The day you hid flowers behind your back and came over just to give them to me still gives me butterflies when I think about it. I was so good to you. The first year was amazing, we were amazing. I was loyal to you until I saw your true colors. You betrayed me.

You started to hang out with your younger, nobody, hooligan friends and then treated me like shit. You would lie to me, cheat on me, get drunk and call me at 2am to pick you up after lying about being sick. You hung out with people who I thought were my friends and lied to me with reasons for leaving me out. Then you went after my good friend.

You hooked up with me (we were broken up and you were dating her) then tried to convince her I was psycho and convinced her I lied about sleeping with you. I tried to warn her but she bought your bullshit and I lost not only one but two friends over it. I almost lost yet another friend because you ditched me at her party and caused so much drama for everyone. My car had broken down that day and I had it towed to your house because you said you would fix it.

You ditched me that night at our friends party and I walked in the rain in flip flops and no coat with a dead phone in the middle of the night to where I KNEW you would be, (your stupid hooligan friend’s house) to tell you to take me home. You acted like I was crazy and your friends yelled at me to leave. So I had to walk BACK to where the party was only to come to a locked door. So I sat on the lawn sobbing and then decided to walk back AGAIN (about a mile and a half each way) and demand you take me home, because I had no phone to call anyone else and my car was at your house….

I can’t believe you had the audacity to message me after all this time and ask me how I’m doing. You deserve absolutely NOTHING from me. I want to laugh in your face and reply “are you serious?”.

You messaged me at 2am and then tried to play dumb the next morning and said “Oh I didn’t mean to message you I don’t know how that happened”. Then you said the next day “Actually, how are you?”. I looked at your facebook, you’re single… That girl must have finally seen what a true piece of fucking shit you are and dumped your ass and you think I am going to be dumb enough to play that game again?

You’re a complete looser. You’re never going to be anything special and you’re going to keep breaking hearts and fooling good women into thinking you’re some kind of gentleman but you’re not. My dad saw right through you and I foolishly tried to deny what a shitty person you were. You wouldn’t even look him in the eye when he warned you to treat me better. You are a coward. He HATED you and I was BLIND.. I can’t even believe I gave you that many chances.

I’m not even friends with those people anymore either. I only stayed friends with ONE girl that used to know you. She is still my best friend and we often drink wine together and talk about how LUCKY we were to get out of that group. Everyone is doing the SAME stupid low life shit that we used to think was cool.

I’m going to go ahead and continue my big girl job, enjoy the genuine company I keep and also go ahead and just say no thank you, go fuck yourself.  You don’t even deserve a reply.



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