Do you believe in miracles?

My ex and I had a cat named Boots who went missing in June. She went outside as she normally would one night and never came back. We thought she got eaten until I got a call four months later from someone who found a similar looking cat and saw my ad on pawboost. She had very distinguishable tummy markings. It was her! I called my ex and told him I found her and was bringing her home to him.

Poor Boots was skin stretched over bones. We think she might have gotten into someone’s trailer or camper and ended up in Enumclaw (we lived in Puyallup at the time) since she went missing right around the end of June. It was a miracle that someone found her. She is doing much better now and is actually heavier now than before she went missing. We decided we would rather her be a little chubby now than be starving to death. We do monitor her food intake and she gets monthly vet check ups and has a clean bill of health.

The day I found Boots and called my ex he told me he had just committed to rescuing a kitten. So we went from zero to two cats in one day! This little black, fluffy kitty who has many names such as “spider cat” “mittens”  “baby kitty” and “willow” was said to be a girl. I originally named her “Willow” and the vet laughed and said “have you seen the movie Willow? In that movie Willow was a boy, what a coincidence”. He and my ex laughed and quoted the movie “Willowwwww take the wand”.

The poor black kitten was found in the tail pipe of a car. The car was on and the driver heard the kitten screaming and shut it off. The hot pipe burned his paws and he spent the first two weeks of his life with his paws wrapped. He was too young to be away from his mother but had no choice since the mother cat was never found.

We think maybe she put him in there to protect him from something and tried to keep our minds clear of foul humans being involved. It’s a sad start to his life but we diligently followed the vet’s instructions and nurtured him until he was healed and strong.

It’s so amazing to think how just a few months ago he could barely walk and couldn’t use a litter box because of his paws. Now he is a WILD, rambunctious boy who terrorizes his sister and his doggie brother Winchester.

Willow loved Winchester from the start. Winnie(the dog’s nickname) is so patient with him. Willow picks on Winnie and then wants to cuddle with him at the end of the day. Sometimes Winnie doesn’t understand and is reluctant to cuddle despite Willow’s continuous effort. Other times Winnie will play so gently and sweetly with Willow. Occasionally they play my favorite game I like to call “Battle of the Bed”. Willow stands at the edge of the bed with his back hunched up and Winnie paces back and forth, grunts and talks in a clearly annoyed tone and huffs and puffs as he throws his head back in frustration. It’s hilarious.

Finally! I caught them cuddling which is becoming a more frequent occurrence. I love all of those pets so much and there is nothing better than cuddling on the couch with all three of them at the same time. They are my “god children” so I have permanent visitation rights! This particular ex and I have a rare understanding and have been able to remain friends after our split. He’s the only exception to that, that I would probably ever make since I know how that usually turns out and have experienced a similar situation before. Anyway here are some pictures of the pets. Some of Boots and Willow during their recovery and then some of Willow and Winnie.  Enjoy!







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