So Frustrated (rant)

I recently accepted a new position and I am starting over with a new company and business all together. My time at my current position started out wonderfully and I was really excited about my future.

For many reasons, things started to change at the office. It was one of the busiest seasons they ever had and it caused a lot of tension and conflict, especially having multiple hot-headed, successful women who do all do their processes differently working in the same office. It caused one person to leave because this job would have literally killed her. After she left the tension was altered slightly and I began to enjoy it again.

I was moved up and taken from the closed off front area and moved to the back to train for a higher position. I asked in person and tried many times to discuss my new responsibilities and by boss conveniently was always either sick, too busy and ignored me all together. I was promised to be trained and specific hours of the week. It only happened twice… I learned the rest on my own.

Then about a month later another lead began to act like the one who quit, and was being nasty. They were becoming angry and bitchy and were constantly negative. That type of attitude rubbed off on everyone else and caused more conflict until they finally had enough and left as well.

One of the problems I am having is that NO ONE in this company plans ahead… They take no measures to ensure that the lead’s clients were notified that they left the company. I have multiple customers per day who call asking for that person and are surprised when I tell them they no longer work here and that their lead has changed to someone else with out their consent. It makes all of us look bad. But, like I said in my other rants, clearly they don’t care about the customers and only about the money they make.

When I started here I was promised multiple things. I was promised full benefits after 90 days and plenty of opportunities for growth.. I worked my ass off and learned the business from scratch. I’ve been here months and come to find out I don’t even work for this company, I am actually employed through a vendor that they chose for me. I was hired as a TEMP without that being specifically disclosed.

I asked for my papers that I signed when I was hired so I could go over them again and make sure I knew what I signed up for. NO ONE has those papers. I was told to look online and I have and I’ve contacted the vendor and my boss and no one has any of my papers except for my I-9… What the heck?!

This season is super slow. People were talking about layoffs and conveniently for the company, I’m the expendable one. So I decided to get out as soon as possible before I was laid off and found another job.

What a coincidence that on the day I gave my notice, my car was fucking keyed in our parking garage. There are other businesses in this building, no cameras in the garage and I spoke to the garage manager who told me they can’t do anything about it. I suspect it was a coworker of mine who found out I was leaving before I planned for them to.

You see, a friend of mine who works here helped me get the job. So I respectfully notified her FIRST and NO ONE else that I had found another job. I asked that she wait to mention anything until I had a chance to talk to everyone else first. I found out from another coworker that my other team member (one of our leads) heard it from my friend before I had a chance to tell them. UGH I hate it when people gossip like that, at least I take it here where no one  even knows who I’m talking about, and I’m not doing it maliciously I am simply frustrated and want to let it out! I do not expect any outcome from this… I really did not expect my ADULT friend to go behind my back like that.

I understand if she feels angry that she helped me get this job but I spoke to her about my issues in person before, told her I was looking for another job, and she was really surprised about some of the things I said. I thought she would be happy for me but she didn’t even respond when I told her. She lives hours away so I didn’t have the chance to tell her in person. I probably should have called her but I thought she would be understanding. I emailed her and respectfully told her that I had a new opportunity and thanked her for her efforts and hoping she would understand. I didn’t want her to think I was ungrateful. I guess none of my efforts helped. She lied to me anyway promising me a promotion saying she would hire me as her assistant if I waited until the end of the year. I couldn’t wait any longer and don’t want to work with her anyway.

The lead she told is on the same team as me and did not like me from the start. They(the lead. I’m trying to be as vague as possible about their identity) were rude, condescending, confrontational, and narcissistic. I highly suspect it was the lead because after talking with my boss about my job change we agreed it would be best for my boss to tell the lead first, and then I would talk to the lead about it after.

I was waiting for my boss to tell me they told that person (like they said they would) and no surprise to me, they didn’t.. I should have just told the lead myself and looking back now it was stupid of me to rely on my boss to do it because I learned long ago that my boss it lazy and does not do anything that they say.. So towards the end of the day my team member came up to me and told me they knew about it and congratulated me (I didn’t buy the act one bit). I hate to be the kind of person to point fingers but due to the unplanned way that they found out and adding up all the previous times they were malicious to me for no reason I strongly suspect the lead was the one who keyed my car.

I have no way of finding out, I don’t want to accuse anyone without proof, and now I have scratches down to the metal all along the passenger side of my car.. I am taking it to get an estimate tomorrow…

I am trying to be respectful and stick out the two weeks with my chin up and ignore my rotten team-mate. However, I am finding it extremely difficult and I am having a really hard time ‘killing them with kindness’. I am afraid of what might come out if they do one more thing to piss me off… I can’t wait for February 1st!

Thanks for listening to my rant…

Update: I emailed the person who helped me get the job to give her a full explanation (not that she deserved it but I felt it was needed). I didn’t want her to think I was ungrateful but I also didn’t want to sound like I owed her something because that’s not right. I worded it in the nicest way possible, and explained my decisions and timing in such a way that I did not throw anyone under the bus. I cleverly worded it in a way that would make any smart person know they fucked up, without specifically saying I know what they did. I am proud of the way I handled it and I even invited her to sushi to celebrate her promotion and my new position. Choosing whether to react or respond has been a really challenging thing for me in the past so I feel really good for taking the high road and not letting my emotions get the best of me. It feels so good to be such a clever bitch and do it with class, and I know I am a better person for that.



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