Nightmares From Last Night


Dream 1: My boyfriend was staying over at my house and my sister was there which is weird, she played no other part in my dream other than I knew she was there. Anyway, he and I got in some sort of argument. He then gets a call on his phone to go to a party with a guy friend and two chicks. I follow him the whole way to the car where his friends were to pick him up and I see these two girls in the back that are wasted but definitely flirting and giving him the looks. I knew what was going to happen..

I’m begging him the whole time not to get in the car and I’m crying hysterically when he turns to me hand raised like he is about to hurt me and yells at me to shut up. He then starts yelling at me in front of all of these people telling me what a piece of shit I am and that I don’t deserve him and that I’m a horrible person, he said more things that I can’t specifically remember. I know he told me that I would never see him again after that. I just remember how sad and hurt I felt. I felt so helpless while I was screaming at him not to leave me as they drove away..

Dream 2: I’m driving in my car towing a trailer. I’m going around a big loop when all of a sudden the cars in front of me are stopping so fast. Some cars are hitting each other and I can see in my rear view mirror that cop cars are coming behind me so fast that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the way or stop. So I unbuckle my seatbelt and jumped out of my moving car to the right shoulder of the road.

I must have passed out and when I finally came to I started to stand up. As I do so cops are yelling at me and all the other people who were involved to get down and put our hands on the ground. I’m really injured at this point and hurting.

I guess someone was trying to rob another person at gun point and they narrowed it down to two people and let everyone else go.

Next thing I know I am sitting in someone’s living room on their couch, still injured. I can’t get up or use my phone and all I wanted to know is what day it was and what time it was and WHERE I even was. NO one was helping me and I was so confused that I couldn’t remember what day it was. Sounds silly but I was so panicked and felt trapped.

Dream 3: I am finally home in my bed, still injured by the way so this must have went in sequence. I was trying to avoid telling my parents what happened for some reason. I had “woken” up from a nightmare (in my dream) and was so scared that I called my dad to come down to my room. He comes down to my room when I finally tell him what happened. He doesn’t want to help me and leaves the room.

All of a sudden a huge, I mean GIANT wasp comes and buzzes in front of my face. All of a sudden I’m looking around the room and there are bugs swarming everywhere! It’s almost black at how many bugs are in there. I start screaming bloody murder, screaming for my dad as I try to fight off this wasp. It stings me right before I finally woke up for real.