A Tough Subject

This could be a triggering post for some individuals.

I recently watched 13 Reasons Why. I will not go into the details of my thoughts on that show now, but one thing I noticed about it, is that there was not one mention of therapy or help for people with mental health or substance use disorders.

Some subjects are harder to talk about than others, and this is definitely one of them. I recently found out that someone I grew up with committed suicide. He was always kind of a troubled person and I hadn’t spoken to him in years. His death was still a shock to me because at one point in time, he was my best friend. He shot himself…

We grew up one street away from each other, and went to the same school. We rode the bus together and raced through our neighborhood on bicycles. We would fight a lot as kids, literal fist fights. I was very much a tom boy when I was younger, and we shared a lot of the same interests like motocross computer games and sports. Every Friday after school one of us would walk over to the other one’s house to play. There are many fond memories, and many dark ones as well.

I recently started a new job at a substance use treatment center. As part of my training I had to attend a Youth Mental Health First Aid conference. It was not medical first aid, it was about assisting youth in our establishment, how to talk to them, and  how to pick up on signs of specific disorders, especially suicidal behavior. The section on suicide was something that really hit me deep down to my core.

A couple of short clips were played from a documentary about Kevin Hines; a man who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, survived, and now tells his story in hopes of helping others. It was a very, very powerful message and I strongly suggest anyone to view it, even part of it, even though it is truly difficult to watch with out bursting into tears.

A good friend of mine met me for a drink last night. She seemed a little out of sorts and I later found out that her husband’s best friend, the best man in their wedding, shot himself in the head. She explained to me how hard she tried to think about the signs, and how nothing came to mind that could have possibly seemed like a sign. I then told her something that I learned in the conference, and not a lot of people know that it is a sign. Happiness can be a sign, because the person feels happy knowing they have a plan, and a way out.

I have known three other people in my life time, personally, that have ended their own lives, and it certainly makes you think about your own actions, or lack of. I’ve thought about why I didn’t talk to the neighbor kid anymore. What if I had reached out to him sometime? I know I can’t blame myself, and it had nothing to do with me, I hadn’t spoken to him in years.. But what if I did? Would it have made a difference? Or would it have taken more of a tole on me if I did, and it didn’t make a difference?…

I remember from my training, that the instructor said one of the major ways to help prevent suicide is to talk about it. If you have suspicions about someone, do not be afraid to approach them about it, because it could possibly be what saves them. Even just start with “Are you ok?”. That was the one thing that would have stopped Kevin from jumping off the bridge and could be what stops someone else. Ask the person if they have thought about suicide. Ask them if they have a plan. Listen and ask them if there is something you can do to help them. No matter what the response, remind them you’re there for them.

We can and should all work together, educate each other, and help each other Survive

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Starting Over

That thing you’re attached to

That thing you Cling to,

That thing you refuse to let go of,

But you know you’re better off without.

You know better,

But you fight to hang on.

Heavy with guilt.

You still give and give

When all they do is take.

You know better!

Ignoring that voice you keep trying

Until it tears you down.

Breaks you into a million pieces.

You wake up in the darkness,

In the piercing blizzard of consequence and regret.

It wasn’t until you lost everything,

That you realize you could of had everything,

If only you had just let go.

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Oh no,
there you go,
trying to catch me
weak I might be
at times I’ll admit
But my heart no longer aches for you
not even one bit.
You use to Shine
back when I called you mine.
On your rump you fell
and now I laugh like hell.
After all this time
Im not even certain
Why I thought you were sublime..
For now I see
I was choking
On the bullshit you’re still smoking.

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On Facebook if you go to Inside Quest’s page, there is a video called “IQ Millennial Question”. Simon Sinek preaches a pretty powerful and in my opinion, accurate, explanation of why this generation has such a difficult time. He explains the major issues with the generations born after 1994.

Sinek claims that millennials are lazy, entitled, and impatient but emphasize that they are entitled. He believes millennials are taught that they are “special” and can have anything they want just by “wanting it that bad”. When kids ask for things and are handed them, they are still not happy or fulfilled.

Sinek states that sometimes kids made honors classes or received A’s just because their parents complained, or the teachers didn’t want to deal with the parents. Others received awards just for participation. I totally agree with his point that when you award someone for failing it actually makes them feel worse because they know they don’t deserve it. Simon called it and said “Not my words”, “failed parenting strategies”.

He went further to explain that those kids grow up and go to college and then they come home and try to find a job only to realize their mothers can’t get them a promotion, they’re not special, they get nothing for coming in last, and they can’t have something just because they want it.

I also agree and relate to his point, that too many kids don’t know how to form deep meaningful relationships because they don’t rely on their friends. They know their friends will cancel if something better comes along and vise versa. They don’t have the coping mechanism to deal with stress in their lives so they Mope and turn to the things that help them feel better. Alcohol, drugs, social media etc. Those things offer temporary relief.

Some powerful quote from the video are:

“When they are stressed they will not turn to friends but the bottle”.

“People who spend more time on Facebook have higher rates of depression than people who spend less time on facebook”.

“Alcohol is not bad, too much alcohol is bad. Gambling isn’t bad, too much gambling is bad. If you’re sitting at the dinner table with your friends texting someone who isn’t there.. that’s a problem”.

“If you wake up and check your phone before you say hello to your boyfriend or girlfirend that’s a problem and it will destroy your life”.

“This generation is impatient. Everything is at your fingertips”.

Sinek explained that nowadays if you want something you can order it on amazon and have it arrive the next day. Or, for example, want to watch a movie? Go on Netflix or order it. Go on a date? You don’t even have to learn to approach someone in person and introduce yourself because you can do it online first. He claimed millennials don’t know how to say “no” because they’re too afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, whereas the rest of us had to learn how to do that on our own and not just “swipe right”.

I agree that almost everything you want is available instantly. Searching for a job etc. You don’t even have to apply in person anymore it’s all online taking the hard work and sense of accomplishment out of it.

“Satisfaction is a messy/lengthy process”.

Many millennials have experienced wanting to quit their jobs because they haven’t made it anywhere (in 8 months!). Love, a skill set, a career is a long, difficult journey, and if you don’t work hard and ask for help you will fall off the wagon.

“It’s an entire population never finding deep joy and fulfillment”. Always settling for “it’s fine”.

Milennials then blame themselves for not being competent enough to stick with something and second guess themselves when they make mistakes. It is not their fault because they were taught to expect everything to just arrive at their fingertips.

I completely agree, technology and social media is ruining the quality of our relationships. I loved it when they explained that relationships are formed by trust, not in an event or in a day, it is a slow steady consistency that creates trust.

My take away from this is to remove the temptation. Enjoy the world, “which is where ideas happen”. Don’t let social media take away from the little things. Put the phone away or leave it at home when you’re with friends or family and be present. Like an alcoholic removes alcohol from their lives to recover, I need to limit the amount of time I spend on my phone and learn to enjoy life again in the real world and not on social media.

I think so many people have these fairytale lives on Facebook but all we see is what they want us to see. It’s not reality or real life and therefore my expectations of what I should be doing right now are set unrealistically because it’s NOT REAL. Life is hard, everyone struggles and it can be extremely ugly at times. People can be ugly inside and out but you would never know after all the “filters”. Time to come back to reality. My new resolution this year is going to be to remove as much social media and technology out of my daily routine as I can.

I cannot tell you how sad it made me when the previous guy I dated would sit in bed on his phone while I laid next to him trying to talk or get him to pay attention to me. Or I’d wake up to him clicking away on his tablet. I also know a few people who I used to be super close with who are now so distant and only want to use social media to connect. I’m so done with that!


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Daily Prompt: Renewal

I hate to be one of those people who over plans for the new year and then gets disappointment. I don’t want to have too high of expectations in case it turns out just like this year, which was horrible..

There are many things I want to change and accomplish in 2017 but I think the most important will be my general health and well being. I need to make some serious lifestyle changes and make some tough sacrifices so that I can get on my own two feet.

It will be a complete Renewal of my daily choices and I know I need to get rid of some bad habits. So here are my new year resolutions:

  • Travel somewhere new
  • Commit to a work out routine
  • Take vitamins daily
  • Eat better
  • Drink more water
  • Set aside personal time
  • Go out less
  • Drink less
  • Quit smoking
  • Save at least $1000
  • Loose at least 30lbs
  • Move out
  • Go back to School
  • Be a better friend
  • Be a better daughter
  • Be a better sister
  • Spend more time with family
  • Be more organized
  • Start a journal
  • Do more art
  • Sell a piece of art
  • Play piano again

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Slipping Through The Cracks

It’s your own Folly that put you in this position. You’re unhappy and miserable and you want to make us unhappy too. You only have one life to live. Toughen up, it’s not as bad as you think it is. The liquor that poisons your mind is the key that unlocked the chest that you stuff your emotions into. They unleashed on the closest person in the room. Words hurt, sometimes more than violence. You have a very thin sheet of ice to walk on right now. One more move in the wrong direction and it is going to crack beneath your feet and swallow you whole…

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With furrowed brows

I sit…


The bright red cape you bore is gone.

Bitterness consumes you,

The only red I see now

Is in your eyes.

You forgot what you said,

My heart does not.

How do I help you?

How do I stop the hurt?

You push us away,

I have tried to help…

You push some more…

Close to the edge,

I can’t take much more.

My Conundrum is you.

Pick up the cape

For gosh sake

Be the example,

Be the man

I used to know…

Or thought I knew.

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