Someday I’ll find love.

Someday I will get married.

Someday I will own a horse.

Someday I will live in a cute farmhouse that I designed.

Someday I will travel around the world.

Someday I will have amazing children.

Someday I will have a career.

Someday I will open my eyes.

Someday I will be surprised.

Someday I will be old.

Someday I will feel old.

Hopefully, I can look back with a smile.

Hopefully, I will achieve my dreams.


Mr. Cook: Chapter 11

Three days had gone by since Eveline found Mr. Cook who had peacefully passed away in his bed. She had cried for a long time each day and panicked about what to do. When she found him she called 911 as soon as she could finally speak. She made Clara watch the TV and eat her breakfast like normal and told her not to go downstairs, that Mr. Cook needed some medical attention.

When she finally told Clara what happened she didn’t have to explain what death was, luckily. She had already explained it to her when Clara asked about her father. She promised herself and Clara that she would never hide it from her. Clara cried and held onto the picture of Carol which Eveline figured was ok to “borrow” for a while.

Eveline was waiting for a call from the real estate company to give her the next steps to take now that he was gone. She didn’t think it would happen so soon. She wished she hadn’t gotten so close to him, but she was also relieved that he had a friend, and someone there to find him.

She received a call, but it wasn’t from the real estate company it was from the bank.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Fryling? My name is Julie and I am calling in regards to the will and testament of Mr. Cook. It shows on my records that you are the rightful owner and beneficiary of all of Bernie Cook’s belongings and accounts.”

Her jaw dropped, she was speechless, in that moment all of the emotion was overwhelming and she burst out in tears.

One month later…

Eveline was as nervous as ever setting foot on that plane. She looked up at the compartment above her and smiled.

“Here we go.”

Inside of her carry-on bag were the urns of Mr. Cook and Carol. Clara was staying with her grandparents back in London while Eveline made the trip to Bora Bora.

When she got to the resort she was amazed by the place. It was so green everywhere, the palm trees were green, the sky had a greenish blue tint and even the water. She realized in that moment why Mr. Cook love it there so much. It was paradise.

There was only one thing on her itinerary that day; a sailing lesson where she planned to release the ashes of Mr. and Mrs. Cook into the place where they were the happiest. It was where they belonged and it was Mr .Cook’s last request.

If it weren’t for Mr. Cook she would have never set foot on another airplane. She forgot how much she truly enjoyed traveling. This time it felt different, she didn’t feel guilty for going without Christopher because of her purpose for going. The thrill she got after stepping off of the plane in Tahiti gave her newfound courage to do what she loved. Eveline was already planning her next trip and she thought she would even bring Clara along.

When Eveline boarded the vessel for her sailing lesson she was surprised to be greeted by none other than the handsomest instructor of them all. They flirted as he taught her the ropes, how to set sail, and how to check the wind.

She figured he might think it was a bit awkward to dump the ashes right in the middle of the lesson. She was surprised when the instructor offered to help her so that they could go at the same time and place, he even set the anchor so she would have time to say her goodbyes.

Before exiting the vessel she turned around to shake the man’s hand and thank him for the lesson. He wouldn’t release her hand.

“You are a beautiful woman,” he smiled “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

Eveline smiled so big and after contemplating it for a moment, she figured she should take a risk one last time in her life. Who knows what the possibilities could be or where it could lead her. All she knew is that she has a life ahead of her to live to the fullest. She didn’t want to dread the past and let it haunt her like it did to Mr. Cook. In the back of her mind she thanked him for opening her eyes.

“I would love to.”

The End



Strike, Burn, Melt Away

Light up the darkness

For I cannot see.

The words are stuck inside of me.

Tears drip slowly down my face

As the person I used to be melts away.

Change strikes like a match,

Setting fire to my past.

Suddenly I can see.

Something glows in the distance.

Still lonely, still afraid

Learning everyday.

Life burns like a Candle.

Two options,

The wax overcomes the flame


The flame slowly melts the wax.


Both run out.

via Daily Prompt: Candle