Someday I’ll find love.

Someday I will get married.

Someday I will own a horse.

Someday I will live in a cute farmhouse that I designed.

Someday I will travel around the world.

Someday I will have amazing children.

Someday I will have a career.

Someday I will open my eyes.

Someday I will be surprised.

Someday I will be old.

Someday I will feel old.

Hopefully, I can look back with a smile.

Hopefully, I will achieve my dreams.


Done Being Sick

My whole family has the flu, oops, I even gave it to my friend who visited. It started on the 1st I woke up coughing and couldn’t breath. Asthma+flu virus is not a good mix. My body went through hell, I thought I was going to go to the hospital or stop breathing in the middle of the night. I was out all of last week and finally returned to work this morning.

I’m still not better! I am having trouble breathing and my right arm feels weirdly numb/dead. I just feel really strange and want to ask to go home but I can’t because I was gone all last week. Hardly anyone seemed concerned or even asked me if I am ok.. I’m so done with this place.

Hopefully I will be starting a new chapter soon at a different workplace! Just sent my application in this morning. I really need this year to be a good one. It didn’t start so well with being sick but I am still hopeful that it will turn around.

I spent one day over the weekend hanging out with an ex and I finally realized that it’s time to move on. Another one of my ex’s oddly messaged me on Facebook, and then pretended it was an accident. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I’m ready for something new.

I only carried over a couple close friends into this new year. That’s all I need and I’m content with just letting things be how they are right now. I am inspired to stop trying to force my love life to be something, and I’m going to stop hunting, and live my life in the moment and start doing things for me. I’ve spent too much time focused on significant others and on people I was try to help, and I sort of lost myself along the way.

This is a strange time. I’m almost 25.