I Joined OKCupid

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my best friend. She is also single, so we were looking on our dating sites and she began to show me her OkCupid (OKC) profile. I had heard of this dating site before but I thought it was only for Christians, and I thought you had to pay. OKC is open to the public and also has a both free and premium features.

I was pleasantly surprised with OKC, they asked a LOT of questions and not just the basics. They really dug deep and aim to match you to people based on your answers. Not only can you choose your own answer, but you can select the answer(s) that you would prefer your match to say. You can also view each others answers, but only if you answered the same question(s). OKC also let’s you skip questions which I was grateful for, because some I felt required a more detailed answer than what they offered. There is a space to write in an answer but I still preferred to leave some blank.

I completed my new profile on OKC and instantly started receiving likes and messages etc. There is a “Boost” button that I accidentally hit and my notification were off the charts, so that was fun.

Like most dating apps, there are some features only available if you pay, but you can still see messages and received notifications when someone likes your profile. I feel that OKC offers a good selection of free features, and definitely better ones than POF.

OKC shows a percentage on each persons profile to rate how closely your answers match theirs. OKC also displays personality traits on profiles based on the answers provided. I enjoy the the info boxes/questions featured on each persons profiles which are:

  1. Self-Summary
  2. What I’m Doing with my life
  3. I’m really good at
  4. Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
  5. Six things I could never do without
  6. I spend a lot of time thinking about
  7. on a typical Friday night I am
  8. You should message me if

I thoroughly enjoy how much control OKC gives me. I found out today that I can even filter my messages. It’s just really cool and I am super excited about this and thought I’d share in case someone else is looking to try a different dating app.

Does anyone else have any other recommendations for free dating sites/apps? Any success stories? I’d love to hear some feedback!




“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

Read that powerful quote today, not sure where it came from but it speaks to me so much right now. I am in the process of changing jobs, as well as changing my lifestyle.

I am trying to be healthier, eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, and bring more happiness into my life overall. I want to eliminate the things and people who are dragging me down. I cannot try to make someone else happy until I am happy with myself.

I am so excited for my job change and to get out of this dreadful office. The people here are just so rude and are stuck in high school. There is so much tension on a daily basis that it’s beginning to rub off on other parts of my life. The processes and actions here truly reflect how this company does not care about it’s employees or it’s customers period. All they care about is money.

I need to focus on me. Put myself as number one. Stop trying to force change without making changes myself. I also need to stop expecting so much and start making the necessary sacrifices to more forward with my life.

So here’s to changes and making my resolutions a reality!

Done Being Sick

My whole family has the flu, oops, I even gave it to my friend who visited. It started on the 1st I woke up coughing and couldn’t breath. Asthma+flu virus is not a good mix. My body went through hell, I thought I was going to go to the hospital or stop breathing in the middle of the night. I was out all of last week and finally returned to work this morning.

I’m still not better! I am having trouble breathing and my right arm feels weirdly numb/dead. I just feel really strange and want to ask to go home but I can’t because I was gone all last week. Hardly anyone seemed concerned or even asked me if I am ok.. I’m so done with this place.

Hopefully I will be starting a new chapter soon at a different workplace! Just sent my application in this morning. I really need this year to be a good one. It didn’t start so well with being sick but I am still hopeful that it will turn around.

I spent one day over the weekend hanging out with an ex and I finally realized that it’s time to move on. Another one of my ex’s oddly messaged me on Facebook, and then pretended it was an accident. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I’m ready for something new.

I only carried over a couple close friends into this new year. That’s all I need and I’m content with just letting things be how they are right now. I am inspired to stop trying to force my love life to be something, and I’m going to stop hunting, and live my life in the moment and start doing things for me. I’ve spent too much time focused on significant others and on people I was try to help, and I sort of lost myself along the way.

This is a strange time. I’m almost 25.

Anxiety Induced Rant

Do you ever just get so done with your current situation? Like you’re just tired of the same routine you’ve been doing and now you want to do something else? It happens to me all the time and it’s so bad right now! I just have the urge to pack up all my crap and move to Montana. I actually just had a funny conversation with my friend Molly about that. I told her we would move to a cabin there, I would learn to hunt for food and then we would live in peace, with out internet or contact unless it was on our terms… I even went as far as looking at listings online for properties. Montana is so beautiful..

I am just so bored of my job. I started in June and at first it seemed like a great place with tons of growth. But as I am trying to learn new things and am currently being trained in a higher position, I am noticing how fucked up the management is here. I’ve had three or four different people teaching me how to do things and they all do it different ways so I am so confused half the time. The other half of the time I am just trying to figure it out on my own… Another coworker has been a negative nancy and is quitting. She is my favorite person here, but lately I am just sick of her bitching.

Also, the holidays are pretty shitty this year. I know the price tag on a gift shouldn’t matter but I feel like I am not going to be giving back to others equally.

I hate money. It’s so hard to get to the point where you’re earning enough to support yourself. You basically have to kill yourself trying to get there by working late and not spending time on yourself or other important things. I spend most of my time at the office and then the rest of my life is in disarray. I just want to be outside or at home reading a book or something.

I want to go back to school but due to inherited properties I can’t get financial aid. My parents refuse to pay for school so I have been trying to save up enough to do it myself. It’s so hard to save money right now. I don’t have any sort of cushion. The opportunities and steps I could take to make more money COST money so what the fuck am I supposed to do..

I have plenty of opportunities with the company I am in and this would be the route to go to make more money down the road. However it’s not what I want to do with my life/career. I want to work with animals or have a farm or something someday. I wish it could be sooner than later… My dad always tells me I can do anything I set my mind to, which I try to do but something seems to always get in the way and I just want to get there!

I need to do something big, or important with my life. I need to help people and animals and I want to be remembered for something special when I am gone. My grandfather was one of those kinds of people and I feel like he is so disappointed in me for how I have done so far.. I just feel stuck, and frustrated that I’m not where I want to be nor am I headed in the right direction. Something has to change.


Prompt: Border

As I’m sitting here pondering what I am going to write about, the word “border” keeps morphing into “boredom” in my head. So I am going to go with my first thought and that is to write about boredom.

The reason I am choosing to write about this is because I recently saw someone post a quote on Facebook that resonated with me. Of course, now I can’t find it or remember exactly what it said; however, I know it meant that boredom is a result of laziness, and that complaining about being bored and being too lazy to actually do something about it is really counter productive.

At first I rolled my eyes when I saw the quote, but then I got to thinking about the nights I sit at home, bored, so I text my friends to see if they are free only to find out that none are. I get bummed out and put my pajamas on and lay in bed scrolling through Netflix and then eventually give up and go to bed. Sometimes I will go to bed as early as 8 o’ clock if there’s nothing to do.

I recently started a new job which has me working 9 hour days, 5 days a week. I find it extremely hard to get anything done during the week since I am never available during any business hours etc. By the time I get home from work my plans I had to clean my room suddenly seem ok to be put off ‘until tomorrow’…Only they won’t get done ‘tomorrow’ anyway!

I’ve been struggling with a lot recently, especially having come out of an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, and having lost a few close friends and family. I have had little desire to do much of anything productive. My mom looked at my car  and my room and said “I think the way your car and your room look represent your life”. Ever since then, and ever since I read that quote on Facebook I have been wanting to try and change some things in my life.

First, I want to set a regular sleep schedule during the week. Next, I will buy a planner and plan out my days with realistic expectations of what I can get done with the amount of time I have. I want to try this for a month and check things off that I actually get done. Once the month is over I want to evaluate how I’m feeling and report on how it went.

On top of all of this and sort of unrelated I just want to be healthier. I want to eat better and literally force myself to change my life around. I just can’t sit around the house bored and not do anything about it. I don’t always need to rely on my friends to fill the void of my losses. It is time to put on my big girl pants and grab life by its horns and create the changes I want in my life.

Another thing I would like to add is that this blog has already been a great start to changing things around for myself. It’s served as a healthy outlet for my thoughts and emotions and I have also read many other stories similar to mine and it helps me not feel so alone. I wish I had started this sooner, but I am so glad to be here now.

via Daily Prompt: Border